Ewriter Solutions is looking  for quality freelance writers to produce eBooks on a wide variety of topics. Books typically range between 10,000 and 15,000 words and vary in content from how-to and self-help to biographies. Fluent written English is required. Qualified candidates must be able to research topics quickly and turn in non-plagiarized content within a strict deadline. Writers are free to pick up as many or as few topics as they like with no minimums required. This is an online only position open to anyone, anywhere, who is fluent in English. We pay out weekly via PayPal. Microsoft Word is a must.

We are hiring both experienced and novice ghostwriters. For novices, bo experience necessary. If you have been curious to give freelance writing a try but felt you would be rejected for lack of experience, then we would be interested in helping you build your portfolio. Pay is $1 per 100 words.  Please send along  a nonfiction, non-poetry sample of your work that showcases your research skills or a 300-word writing sample outlining the basics of the paleo diet, to see if you are a good fit for the job. This is an evergreen post, if it is still up I am still looking for writers.

For experienced ghostwriters, pay is commiserate with experience. Please send along a nonfiction sample of your work along with your going rate. 

Your Company Name: Ewriter Solutions

Company Size: 50-99

Your Name: Zachary Richter

Currency unit: USD

How did you hear about us?: Google Search


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